Oh, how fortunate we are to live in the coastal Cape Fear Region of North Carolina. We have the sea, the sand, the sun, and all that goes along with it.  

From the first sign of spring until the last leaf of fall, visitors flock here to enjoy what we experience every day. Our area has a lot to offer, but I have to say there is nothing like living on an island referred to as Pleasure Island.  It’s made up of two townships; Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, and Historic Fort Fisher. We have approximately 8500 people residing here full or part-time. It is 17 miles long and 2-3  miles wide. The people here are welcoming and very social. 

I knew no one at all when I moved here four years ago.  I soon realized there is a lot going on and many opportunities to meet people and be active on the island.  The entire island is golf car-friendly and that includes driving on the streets, as long as your golf car has been proven to be street legal.  So purchasing a golf car soon became a priority.  

I had no idea where to begin the hunt to purchase a golf car.  So I began asking some of the many golf car owners here on the island and the same name continued to come up, Golf Cars of Coastal Carolina.  So that’s where I began and ended my hunt for my golf car.  I knew as soon as I spoke with Jay and his team that I was in good hands.  Their knowledge, experience, and customer service were phenomenal.  I also knew with their superb parts and service departments I would be able to count on them in the future with my maintenance needs.

I really had no idea how purchasing a golf car would enhance my world. I never dreamed I would be participating in Christmas and Halloween golf car parades. Or enjoying outdoor concerts at Fort Fisher, where we line our golf cars up as if they were stadium seating. Even the dreaded task of going to the grocery store is not so bad now that my ride is a golf car. Going down to the beach is a breeze now too, I just lay the back seat down, add the chairs and cooler, and off we go. I especially enjoy taking the golf car out to dinner with friends and stopping at local spots to listen to music. It’s just a great feeling to pull up and park alongside the other golf cars.  On a funny note, I often think on a small scale, that this must be how Harley Bike riders feel. Because it truly gives me a sense of connection to see all the golf cars lined up places on the island. 

I often recall when I first moved here and this was just an island. Now I am a part of a community and purchasing a golf car played a huge role in connecting me. There is nothing like a golf car being my primary mode of transportation on a beautiful island I get to call home. 

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