Mar 28, 2022

Did you know in 1958 Club Car started its operations in Augusta, Georgia? From the beginning, Club Car has been a USA-made company with USA-made products. This is a proud foundation that the company still stands behind today. 

In current times so many companies have moved their manufacturing operations overseas leading to subpar quality and difficulties getting parts for repairs. This is one of the many reasons Club Car is superior to other golf car manufacturers. Not to mention the wide network of reliable Club Car Authorized Dealers throughout the country that are available to assist you with all of your golf car needs. Their customer service, availability for parts, and service are second to none. 

Club Car is known for quality, style, comfort, and craftsmanship but here are a few interesting facts that separate Club Car from other vehicles: 

  • Club Car vehicles are built on a highly durable aluminum frame which results in a more comfortable ride. Its lighter weight results in higher efficiency with regard to the operation and performance of the vehicle. 
  • The aluminum frame does not rust. The batteries sit in a plastic tub as opposed to sitting on a steel frame that can rust and compromise the structure of the car. 
  • From wheels to seats and sounds to storage, Club Car has many customizations to meet your comfort and style. 
  • Club Car vehicles are designed with the most innovative and useful features in the market which are routinely included as standard equipment. 
  • High-quality steering is one of Club Car’s claims to fame. Club Car vehicles are known to have a tighter turn radius, making them more agile. 
  • Club Cars are adaptable for various uses and terrains, providing the most versatility of any golf car. 
  • Smooth suspension systems are standard for all Club Car models. 
  • When well maintained, Club Cars can last for twenty-plus years. Club Car vehicles hold their value much higher than any other product. 
  • Club Car is recognized as the leader in technological advances in golf cars and utility vehicles.

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