Through the pandemic, I realized how much more time I was spending at home and on the small coastal island, I call home.  I wasn’t using my car to get around like before and decided this would be the perfect time to invest in a golf cart.

Like many people who had gone before me, I began the search for the perfect cart. Early into my quest, I became aware that the golf cart I was pursuing, was actually referred to as a golf car and not a golf cart. Who knew, right?  A golf cart is actually a pull or push cart that has no self-propelled motor. So this was all news to me. 

So after I had the lingo correct. I became enlightened by all the options that are available on these amazing motorized vehicles.  To purchase a new car you begin by virtually building your car on the Club Car website. Here you are offered numerous choices to customize your car to your specifications.  

A refurbished golf car is another way to go if a new golf car is not in your budget.  You have many of the same options as a new car, but the frame of your car is possible from a Club Car model that is a few years older. Regardless of the age of the frame, your car is built from the frame up with new materials. 

After I looked at all the options, I decided my budget was more in line with a refurbished car. I found Golf Cars of  Coastal Carolina, which is an authorized Club Car dealer here in my area.  They met with me and offered me all my options. They assisted me in choosing my custom color and all the bells and whistles that were important to me.  The staff there was second to none and I would highly recommend them. In a timely fashion my car was delivered to my driveway customized just as I had ordered.  It had all the required inspections, registered with my state and license plate attached.  There was nothing left for me to do other than jump in a take my new ride for a spin. The car is so enjoyable. I use it for errands, leisurely cruising, and it’s also just the perfect way to wind down after a long day.  Golf cart or golf car I couldn’t be happier.

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