Riding around in your Club Car is always a fun time.  But customizing your Club Car can make the ride even more enjoyable.  Let’s take a look at a few of the interior upgrade options. 

ONWARD PREMIUM FLOORMAT: Our premium floormat with the Onward logo imprinted into the custom-designed drainage channels to whisk away water, is all-weather, UV-protected, heavy-duty, and custom-fit to the Onward floor. https://www.clubcar.com/en-us/club-car-accessories/personal-golf-cart-accessories/onward-golf-cart-floormats

ONWARD ENCLOSURES: Cruise in comfort and style, rain or shine, with a versatile, custom-fit, and durable enclosure. Protect yourself and your Club Car. https://www.clubcar.com/en-us/club-car-accessories/personal-golf-cart-accessories/onward-golf-cart-enclosure

LED INTERIOR LIGHTING KIT: Canopy-mounted LED light kit for interior overhead illumination. Includes custom color control and multiple light modes. https://www.clubcar.com/en-us/club-car-accessories/personal-golf-cart-accessories/golf-cart-led-lights-roof-mounted-kit

PREMIUM SOUND BAR: New Premium Sound Bar features a sleek design, exceptional sound quality, Bluetooth technology, waterproof design, and more. https://www.clubcar.com/en-us/club-car-accessories/personal-golf-cart-accessories/golf-cart-bluetooth-sound-bar

LOCKING GLOVE BOX: Our new locking glove box comes with all the features and benefits you can expect with Club Car’s proprietary .design https://www.clubcar.com/en-us/club-car-accessories/personal-golf-cart-accessories/locking-glove-box

CLUB CAR 5-PANEL MIRROR: Extra wide design maximizes your field of view. Simple no-drill installation means less fuss. https://www.clubcar.com/en-us/club-car-accessories/personal-golf-cart-accessories/golf-cart-rear-view-mirror

CLUB CAR CONNECT: Drive your personalized golf car on your neighborhood course with Club Car Connect.https://www.clubcar.com/en-us/personal/golf-new/club-car-connet

CANOPY HANDLES: Integrates seamlessly into existing canopies, providing comfortable hand placement for your journey. https://www.clubcar.com/en-us/club-car-accessories/personal-golf-cart-accessories/canopy-grab-handles

HOMELINK® GATE / GARAGE DOOR OPENER: Boasts two programmable buttons, waterproof construction, and works with 99% of garage door systems. https://www.clubcar.com/en-us/club-car-accessories/personal-golf-cart-accessories/homelink

STEERING WHEEL COVERS: Comfortable neoprene steering wheel covers are now available in a variety of colors and feature Club Car and Onward logos.https://www.clubcar.com/en-us/club-car-accessories/personal-golf-cart-accessories/steering-wheel-covers

DASH LINER INSERTS: These dash liners help lighten up the dash area, making it easier to see items placed there.https://www.clubcar.com/en-us/club-car-accessories/personal-golf-cart-accessories/golf-cart-dash-liner-inserts

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